Tammy & PeteBowness Park, Calgary


June 27, 2015

Tammy & Pete pulled together a beautiful wedding in just FOUR weeks! From the moment they started planning, this day was just around the corner and the excitement was crazy. After taking some pictures of Tammy’s daughters helping her get ready, I met up with Pete and walked with him and his kids through Bowness Park to a private path in the trees for the ‘First Look’. Every bit of joy you expect from a groom was evident in Pete’s smile. The forest-like area shaded us from the hot sun and gave dramatic light for portraits. After portraits, we arrived at Peter’s sister’s home for the ceremony and reception. Upon walking through the gate, white chairs tied with champagne sashes drew your eye down the isle to a stunning wooden arbor decorated with white flowers and greenery. Family and friends found their seats. Tammy walked down the isle toward Pete with a daughter on each arm. Pete led Tammy to the arbor to share vows, a written prayer and to exchange rings – the two often smiling or laughing, sharing loving glances. With a kiss, a hug, and a few signatures – it was finally official! A sand ceremony symbolically joined their families and Tammy and Pete were introduced as Mr. & Mrs! The reception began immediately after. Chalkboards decorated the yard directing guests to enjoy ice cream and dress up for the photo booth. Rustic wood slices made the base for the centerpieces on each table displaying flowers, candles, and framed chalkboards. The buzz of chatter and laughter filled the backyard and the evening continued in celebration of this love.

Thank you, Tammy & Pete, for allowing me to share your day and capture these special memories. Congratulations. Enjoy every day you have together.

Press play to enjoy one of the songs from their wedding day: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.


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And so much more is yet to come. Congrats.

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