SharonDowntown, Calgary


This is Sharon. She is stunning – inside and out. The end.

But just in case you were curious, Sharon and her husband moved from the UK to Canada almost a year ago. I admire their courage and faith in taking on this adventure together. I had no idea how long the immigration process takes here or how difficult the adjustment is to Canadian culture! Despite these daily challenges, she has already become a blessing to many friends and taken initiative to help build community with other immigrants in the city. Her love of Jesus and her faith in Him is evident in her presence. You would think that in moving to a new country, she would be looking for others to take her under their wing. In reality, she has taken many under her own. To me, she is a spiritual sister, supporting me in prayer and other wonderful creative ways. I know her friends at home must miss her dearly. As much as I would love for her to be back home, I also know there are so many people in Calgary who are deeply grateful to have her light in their life… especially in the midst of our Canadian winter!

On a snowy spring day, I hope these pictures bring a little joy to you.

Sharon-17 Sharon-23Sharon-10 Sharon-21 Sharon-20 Sharon-13 Sharon-27

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