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You’re engaged! CONGRATS!!! Pop the champagne, clink the glasses and celebrate!!… oh wait, I mean shouldn’t you start looking at venues… like yesterday!? 

It can feel overwhelming when you start writing out a to-do list for your wedding! Don’t fear! There are lots of local resources that can help reduce the stress and make the time you spend planning your wedding super productive!

So let’s start here…

Engaged – A Wedding Planning Event


I placed this one first because their very first event is being held soon on FEBRUARY 24, 2018 so you can still get tickets! Here is how they are defining their event:

“A purpose driven event that redefines the traditional trade show as an interactive experience for couples to plan their wedding together, topped off with a faux reception gala immersing you in your dream wedding.”

Essentially, you get to do two things at once: 1) meet prospective vendors and 2) actually plan your wedding. How does this happen? They have structured the event to guide you through planning:

  1. Start with the “Core Vendors” – venues, officiants, videography, wedding Planners…
  2. Then onto the “Inspiration Showcase” – photo booths, decor, design and rentals…
  3. And finally the “Marketplace” for food, wine, cake, hair, make-up, dress, suit, flowers, and transportation.

Oh, and did I mention the tickets have staggered entry times? That means…. no crazy crowds!!!! (Hallelujah!) Jasmine & Monica, the two wedding planners who designed this event, want to facilitate an opportunity for you and the vendors to actually have real conversations about your day so you can leave this event feeling awesome because some real planning took place, you may have even booked some vendors (or maybe just narrowed down what you actually want), had a lovely drink and a great time.

Click here to book your ticket!

A Practical Wedding – Blog, Worksheets & More

Check out the website here:

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward plan, check out A Practical Wedding and click on their first tab “Get Started!” You will find so much more on their site including DIY, Real Weddings and Advice & Ettiquette posts, but this first tab has all the basics you need!

  • Wedding Checklist
  • Figure Out Your Budget
  • Wedding Spreadsheets
  • and more!

What I like most about this site is that you don’t have to scroll through 10 paragraphs to find the few points you actually wanted to read. It is enjoyable to read but gets to the point.

If you feel like it, they have a planner you can purchase to help you stay on task and manage those to-do’s up until your wedding day. It’s called:

A Practical Wedding Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Wedding You Want with the Budget You’ve Got (without Losing Your Mind in the Process)

It’s a bit of a long title but I would say it’s SO VERY ACCURATE! To the point. Like I said.

Wedding Wire – Website & RSVP Tracking

Visit the website at:

This website has a lot of wonderful features including local vendor lists and wedding to-do check lists. However, my absolute favorite features include:

  1. You can create a free wedding website where your guests can find all the details and info they need AND – best of all – RSVP!! (Because as awesome as people are, we are just terrible at sending in those rsvp’s on time.) They have all the information at the click of a button and don’t need to send you a text the morning of your wedding to ask for the address of the reception… I know right?!
  2. You can manage your guest lists and food options through the RSVP’s! It’s all in one space and neatly organized!!
  3. Design the reception table layout and seat your guests! Have you ever seen couples sitting down with poster board, sharpies and a massive pad of sticky notes so they can arrange and re-arrange the plan for guest seating? Make it easy and try out this feature!

This website has an awesome blog where you can search inspiration from real weddings and vendors so make sure to browse!

FB Wedding Buy & Sell Groups in your local area

You bet! These groups are great for a couple of reasons:

  1. Vendors. TONS of vendors are just waiting for you to write a “Recommendations” post that they can respond to. (The response may actually be more overwhelming than a Google search!) But that is where this next point matters…
  2. Former Brides. They are more than happy to offer advice, recommendations, and to sell you their wedding decor and even wedding dresses at discounted prices!
  3. Deals. Every so often a vendor will post a promotion or discount they are offering which could help you save some $$ for another area of your wedding or for that honeymoon fund!

There are two of these groups in Calgary you can join:

Finally, the best resource there is…

You Two. 

That’s right. If Pinterest didn’t exist, what kind of wedding would make you happy? We can spend a lot of time stressing because we are so worried about having regrets like not making that super cute DIY thing that other brides are making. In the craze of wedding planning we can forget what it is really all about.

My personal advice: Before you commit to anything, ask yourself:

What purpose does this serve on our wedding day?

Does it emphasize what matters most to you? Does it reflect who you are together? Will it bring you excitement and joy or stress and anxiety? Don’t be afraid to be simple. The most extravagant love is simple in that it understands the one thing it is meant for. What is your wedding meant for?

(P.s. Want to see the groom’s reaction from the photo above? Click here: Katrina & Brayden’s Autumn Romance Wedding)

Well, I hope that helps!

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