Phil + MeaganDrumheller, AB Sunset & Smoke Bomb Engagement Photography Session

A little while ago, I mentioned on Instagram (@ashley_daphne) that I would love to adventure with a couple around the Albertan badlands. A few days later Meagan and Phil messaged me about doing this for their engagement photos! I WAS SO EXCITED! As a couple and wedding photographer, this is pretty much the dream. Having the complete trust of your couple and complete creative freedom… it’s incredible.

I grabbed my gear and we carpooled out, enjoying the beautiful drive. We tried new things and explored one of the most overlooked landscapes in Alberta just for them. There was so much to see and try, I couldn’t help but give them a little bit of everything – intimate poses, fun interaction, epic smoke bombs, large landscape, sun glow, hoodoos and cacti – well, little cacti anyway haha. Enjoy the variety and creativity! And if anyone else wants to head out to this stunning landscape for a session… please contact me!!!

…and now for wandering deep into the badlands for the perfect spot to use the smoke bomb!

Doesn’t it look like they are under the sea?

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