Paige’s GraduationGreen Gate Garden Centre, Calgary

Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-15

When it’s pouring rain on your graduation day… you find a local garden center to hang out in (obviously)! The manager was very welcoming to us and we used the industrial space and all the colors to our advantage! The pounding rain and claps of thunder didn’t distract us one bit. I had already scouted the location as a back-up plan, so when Paige arrived with her best friends and mother, we were ready for a good time.

Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-35 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-12 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-18 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-16 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-7 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-4 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-5 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-20 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-3 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-33 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-14 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-27 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-6 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-32 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-10 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-28 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-29 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-25 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-21 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-22 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-17 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-11Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-19 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-31  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-26  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-8Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-43Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-36 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-37 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-39  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-42   Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-44 sa

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