Michael + EvaPrince's Island Park Maternity Photography Session in Calgary, AB

As a family photographer, you see potential in every kind of weather! The smoky skies gave a red, sunset-kind-of glow to this photo session at Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park. It was also 3o degrees out and anyone who has been pregnant knows you are already experiencing life way warmer than is comfortable on a fall day. Even still, this beautiful lady rocked her 37 week maternity session with style!

I love seeing women live life to the fullest as they endure the anticipation of meeting the little one they have been nurturing and caring for over so many months. How you might ask? Attending every doctors appointment. Adjusting your diet. Remembering to take vitamins. Giving up favorite activities where a bad fall is just not worth it. Adjusting travel plans. Eating as best as you possibly can. Preparing your home. Scanning sales for all the baby items you might need. Researching and reading. The list goes on. As far as I am concerned, you are a parent way before your baby is born and I think these two are going to do an incredible job. I am so excited to be their newborn photographer as well and capture their little girl when she arrives. Until then, we get to treasure the journey of pregnancy which isn’t over yet!

Ashley Daphne Photography_B_MichaelEvaMaternity2018-13.jpg

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