Madi & JoshHigh River, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-34

Sophia has a little sister on the way! The absolute BEST moment of this session was when Madi asked Sophia to come give ‘baby sister’ a kiss and Sophia proceeded to lift up Madi’s dress! I guess Sophia was used to lifting up her mom’s shirt to kiss the belly… the dress was obviously in the way… haha! You will notice Sophia’s favorite toy, a stuffed monkey named Beans, makes an appearance. I don’t mind. In fact, I think Beans should appear in at least one family photo! That is life together as they know it. Sophia carrying around that monkey. Why wouldn’t you want to capture that memory too? It helped Sophia to play and enjoy the session while we captured this pregnancy just days before Madi went into labor! Enjoy the laughter and family time we captured together. And look out… a lot of cuteness will be hitting the blog soon!

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