LucasCalgary, Alberta


Maternity and newborn sessions happen so close together. One day, we are photographing this little life that is mostly unknown to our visible world, and then we are photographing him in his parent’s arms. It seems a miracle to me that this little boy, just days earlier, was wiggling, stretching, sleeping, and playing inside his mother’s womb. But here he is!

In-home newborn sessions are great because the pictures document a family in the environment they will live, play, and get to know each other in over the years. We captured Lucas enjoying with cuddles on mom and dad’s bed, resting in the nursery and… posed in a basket of course! Wherever life takes this family, I hope they can always look back at these tender and fun moments and recall the beginnings of this immense love only parents can understand.

Lucas--7 Lucas--8 Lucas--10 Lucas-41 Lucas-32 Lucas-39 Lucas--14 Lucas-76 Lucas-77 Lucas--15 Lucas--11 Lucas-52 Lucas-57 Lucas--13 Lucas--12 Lucas-61 Lucas--16 Lucas--4 Lucas--2 Lucas--6 Lucas-new

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