It always feels like such a long wait between the maternity session and finally meeting the little one who has been on board for so long. (Check out R+J’s Maternity session here!!) Baby Levi has arrived and oh is he so sweet! (And surrounded by giraffes thanks to an inside joke from Rebekah and John’s long-distance dating adventures!)

My favorite thing about their house is that they have two hammocks hung in a little room with a fireplace, piano and guitar. The space is so cozy. The hammocks caught my eye immediately though because I have always dreamed of having hammocks in my home! But, what I loved even more is that the hammocks are what they gave each other as their ‘cotton’ themed anniversary gift! (If you want to know more about the traditional yearly gift themes, check out Hallmark’s list here!) I was gushing over this perfect setting for a lifestyle newborn session. Little Levi rested so calmly in Rebekah’s arms as John plucked away on the guitar and soothing melodies filled the air.

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