Kristina & CoryForget-Me-Not Pond, Bragg Creek

Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-5

Where do I even start? Not only do I love this location (Forgetmenot Pond), and not only do I love every one of these images in their composition, creativity and emotion, but I love these two people more than I can express. Cory and Tina have been long time friends of my husband, Jeff, and I and we were looking forward to hanging out! We headed out early to catch the low morning light, enjoyed stunning views and a pleasant walk before heading back into the city for brunch!

If you would be so kind, send up a prayer for their little boy and for Cory and Tina to be surrounded by peace. There is so much joy in bringing life into this world, but sometimes that joy is tainted by hardships ahead. May your joy never be overcome by fear, may hope keep your spirits strong, and may peace be a force that embraces and does not let go. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. If he is anything like his parents, he’s gonna be a pretty cool kid.

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