Katelyn + BrodieAdventurous Calgary Zoo Wedding

Ever wondered what to do for your guests to avoid an awkward break between the ceremony and reception? How about choosing a venue where your guests get to wander the amazing sights of the Calgary Zoo! It was a stunning location for Katelyn and Brodie’s wedding day and I was ecstatic about every single sight we chose for their wedding photography. I must admit, as a wedding photographer, I have had my fingers crossed hoping that one day I would get the privilege of photographing a wedding at the Calgary Zoo! I mean, you can’t just walk in with a bride and groom and take photos any day of the week… otherwise every photographer would be doing that! The venue is that incredible!

From the manicured gardens where Katelyn and Brodie said “I do!” to the dinosaur jungle and tropical rainforest, the ladies posed with class and the guys were totally suave… at least for a split second until they were back to being goofs and making Star Wars references. (See if you can find all the Star Wars references as you scroll through!) I think my favorite moment from the entire day was when Brodie admitted that he had originally filled his speech with as many Star Wars references as he could think of but, as he gave his wife-edited speech, he told us that he couldn’t decide whether he was disappointed Katelyn wouldn’t let him use the references or proud of the fact that since they started dating she had learned enough about Star Wars to find every single one and cross them out of his speech!

Oddly enough, I think their cake topper says it all. (Another reference you might recognize!) At the end of the day, there is so much significance in knowing by someones actions how loved you truly are. The trust and freedom that comes in not needing to hear them say “I love you,” but rather hearing those words as one act of love amidst a thousand others is the greatest experience of love – an experience that leaves you saying, “I know.”


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