Karisha & JuanBragg Creek, Alberta

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May 28, 2016

Welcome to the Riverside Chateau – a beautiful, secluded lodge in Bragg Creek. It is a perfectly romantic place for an intimate, rustic wedding. Karisha got ready in their wood paneled honeymoon suite while guests gathered on the veranda waiting for the ceremony to begin. Take a listen to this upbeat, joyful song that the couple played during their day as you look through the photos.

Meet the creative team:
Location: Riverside Chateau, Bragg Creek
Dresses & Shoes: David’s Bridal
Tux & Suits: Black and Lee
Make-Up & Hair: Jamie Rankin
Flowers & Rentals: Simply Elegant

“Fine, Fine Life” by For King and Country


Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-6 2016-08-03_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-3Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-8 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-9 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-14Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-15Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-16Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-11Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-102016-08-03_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-19 2016-08-03_0004 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-26 2016-08-03_0003 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-24 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-25 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-27 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-18 2016-08-03_0005 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-32 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-33 2016-08-03_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-37 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-41 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-36 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-45 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-38 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-42 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-44 2016-08-03_0007Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-43Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-48Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-49Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-46 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-52 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-53 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-54 2016-08-03_0008 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-55 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-61Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-60

Blessing spoken by Pastor Ed:

“May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,
and the fellowship and empowerment of the Holy Spirit
be with you for all of your days as you journey together,
learning to love as God loves.”

Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-62 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-63 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-65 2016-08-03_0009 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-702016-08-03_0010Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-69 2016-08-03_0011 2016-08-03_0012Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-78 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-86 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-90 2016-08-03_0013Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-97 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-96 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-95

I first met Karisha & Juan briefly at another wedding last year. I saw Juan swinging Karisha around on the dance floor and thought to myself “I hope they are together… they make a cute couple.” Little did I know they were a couple and that Juan would soon be PROPOSING in THAILAND during their elephant ride!! I was thrilled to receive their inquiry for wedding photography just a few months later. Meeting Karisha and Juan, I instantly noticed that they are both sincere and kind in an unmistakably authentic way. The atmosphere and kind words shared throughout their day reflected this. I was so grateful to be a part of their day, become friends with them along the way, and honored to share their memories here.

2016-08-03_0016 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-103 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-99 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-98 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-104 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-105 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-106 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-111 2016-08-03_0014 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-107 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-110 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-113 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-127 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-116Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-114 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-117 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-129 2016-08-03_0015 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-124 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-118 2016-08-03_0018 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-119 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-120 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-125 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-131 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-132 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-1332016-08-03_0017 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-140 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-141 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-142 2016-08-03_0019 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-144 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-145 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-146 2016-08-03_0020 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-162 2016-08-03_0021 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-148 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-161 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-149 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-151 2016-08-03_0022 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-154 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-166 2016-08-03_0024Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-201 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-172 2016-08-03_0023 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-170 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-171Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-173 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-177 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-184

May the joy of your love continue to grow with each passing day.

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