Jordan & MichaelInnisfail, Alberta


June 6, 2015

Jordan and Michael’s wedding was full of love and laughter. It was a celebration of Jordan and Michael for who they are individually, of their families who raised and nurtured them, and of the couple now as Mr. & Mrs.. From the pictures hanging from Jordan’s bouquet remembering those who have past, to the creative and funny poses by the wedding party during portraits, and the tear-jerking and hilarious speeches in the evening, it was obvious to me that these are two very kindhearted people that are treasured by those around them. I hope you notice those special details and moments throughout this story.

I am so grateful to have witnessed their day and had the privilege of capturing it for them. Thank you J&M and your families for letting me into your lives on such a significant day. May God bless you as you begin this super fun journey as husband and wife!

Press play to enjoy the music they chose for their special day.
This first song is “As Long As Our Hearts are Beating” by Jenny & Tyler – the song that played as Jordan walked down the isle.

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The ceremony was held at Innisfail Alliance Church. The isle was decorated with statements of love and lead to a beautiful arbor decorated with flowers and greenery. The ceremony began with a unique touch – a slideshow to tribute all the family and friends of the couple. From there, we all awaited the entrance of the bride and, of course, the look on the groom’s face as she entered the sanctuary. Both sets of parents stood to give their children in marriage. But, before vows and rings, the couple grabbed microphones and the wedding party took their places with various instruments. The wedding party led two beautiful songs – Be Thou My Vision and  the Doxology, setting a tone for what was to proceed in the ceremony but also in their future together.

In typical fashion, laughs and tears were shared. There is one moment in particular where Michael’s face displays utter shock and in the next, a huge smile. I cannot remember what was said in that moment, but maybe the couple will remember and be able to share that story with you later. However, I am sure we can all agree that the most incredible excitement shown was over sharing that first kiss as husband and wife.

A second slideshow played as the couple signed the papers. This slideshow was their own story. In closing, the groom’s father prayed a blessing over them. One more celebratory kiss and the new married couple was introduced as Mr. & Mrs.!

Listen to their first dance song, “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton, as you enjoy pictures from their ceremony and reception.

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The reception was held at the Innisfail Legion Ladies Auxiliary. The wedding party entered, dancing their way to the head table. Dinner was served. Some of the most hilarious and tear-jerking speeches I have ever heard were to follow. (Again, it is worth asking the bride and groom for these stories!) Both parents joined in for the traditional ‘Shoe Game’ boldly answering many questions including “Describe your first kiss” and the anonymous texted question: “Who will make the first move tonight?” The Newlyweds Game followed involving guests who had been married for a few months to a few decades. The blunt (and hilarious) honesty and the romantic “you know me so well” moments entertained everyone.

The couple danced their first dance to “God Gave Me You” surrounded by a million bubbles. This was followed by a father-daughter dance that drew many family members to the dance floor. However, the night would not have been complete without a surprise choreographed dance, opened by the bride and her mother. They were joined by the bridal party and then the whole wedding party who brought other guests to the dance floor. It was time for the Y.M.C.A..

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