James & CharityGriffith Woods Park, Calgary


It is always exciting when you get to photograph friends. There is a freedom to create and capture a story because it is about so much more than a client-photographer relationship. It is a personal touch of heart and care as I not only document these significant moments but participate – even ever so briefly – in the story. I want every session and wedding to be personal. I don’t think of clients as clients – I think of them as incredible people – potential friends – that I have yet to meet. So, let me introduce you to two wonderful friends…

James has been a friend of mine since… well… a while ago it seems! Since we met, my husband and I have enjoyed seeing James balance a career in accounting and achieve his dream of professional beat boxing! He has developed his art from wining the Calgary Stampede talent competition to winning the 2013 Canadian Beatbox Championship! (Watch his beatbox battle here: 2013 Canadian Beatbox Championship Finals!) He continues to perform, gives lessons, and visit schools, sharing his skills with people of all ages and challenging himself to greater heights.

Through James, I have had the privilege of getting to know Charity; a hip-hop dancing sweetheart who also uses her art to inspire. Charity is a member of the motivational hip-hop crew, Legacy One (www.legacyone.ca) – and if you haven’t heard of them, take a look and listen to the insightful spoken word poetry!

James and Charity, you are both such genuine people. There is a sincerity and kindness that runs deep in each of you and is tangible when we interact. It is no wonder you are using your lives in the ways you are. I can only imagine what will come as you support each other and bring your creativity and passion together in life and marriage. I am so excited to join in on a piece of your journey. Looking forward to celebrating with you in June.

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