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June 11, 2016

CREATIVE. That was the word I kept in mind as I photographed James and Charity’s wedding day. As creative people themselves involved with beat boxing and hip-hop group Legacy One, they wanted their wedding photos to be completely unique, something they had never seen before. We went to a variety of locations, took creative risks, played with shadows, laughed a lot and created some of the best memories I have as a photographer. It is so wonderful to have a couple trust you completely… even when you are lying on a cement floor to photograph them or standing on driveways in the middle of a seemingly boring community (*if you see the wildflower pictures below… that’s what I am talking about!) There are amazing shots of their day from the ceremony to the portraits to the guests dancing the night away so make sure you scroll all the way to the end! You can also check out their forest sunset engagement session here!

As you scroll, enjoy one of my favorite songs, “Something In the Water” by Brooke Fraser.


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Meet the creative team:

Flowers: Avenida Grower Direct
Bride’s Dress: Ethos
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: The Bridal Centre
Caterer: Distinctive Catering
Videographer: Jill Tranquilla
DJ: Bryce Plante

Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-192016-08-23_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-122016-08-23_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-8 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-27 2016-08-23_0004 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-49 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-88 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-83 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-71 2016-08-23_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-108 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-129 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-133 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-193Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2002016-08-25_0002Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-205Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-197Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-1982016-08-25_0003Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-195 2016-08-25_0001Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-222 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-223 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-226 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-228 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-239 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-267Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C--2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2572016-08-25_0004Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-255 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-273 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-279 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-277

I have never seen a wedding party have so much fun. While we were taking pictures of the bride and groom, the wedding party created a ridiculous music video complete with dancing scenes, team push-ups, and, obviously, sandwich breaks (because the best wedding parties keep the bride and group well fed and hydrated)!

Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-280Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-283 2016-08-25_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-306 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-308 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-305 2016-08-25_0007 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-371 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-369 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-293 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-310 2016-08-25_0008 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-368 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-342 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-324 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-321 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-293-2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-333 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-329 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-365 2016-08-25_0009 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-367-2Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-331 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-332 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-322 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-355 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-331-2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-358 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-362 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-349 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-364 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-376 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-383 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-384Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C- Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-504 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-479 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-446 2016-08-25_0010 2016-08-23_0005Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-522 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-461 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-533 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-539 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-545 2016-08-25_0012 2016-08-25_0013 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-563 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-569 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-558 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-570 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-594 2016-08-25_0014 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-581 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-587 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-597 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-603 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-605

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