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I know I can’t take any credit… but I TOTALLY KNEW RACHEL WAS GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE GIRL!!!! I couldn’t wait to photograph my friends and their growing family. I photographed Rachel’s first maternity and newborn session with her son Felix (You can see Felix’s session here!) but with a little girl around, those family photos were ready to be updated! We had set aside a few dates for the session just in case Hazel arrived a little early or a little late. Well, she came early! And her mom and dad are thrilled!

So is big brother Felix who was so sweet, gentle, and affectionate. Giving his little sister gentle hugs and kisses, he was smitten. Also, he regularly asked “Where’s baby?” making sure he always knew where she was – it was actually the sweetest thing ever. Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see Felix and Hazel hanging out in the toy room! There is a super fun basketball photo that you won’t want to miss!!

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-9.jpg Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-6.jpg


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…and playtime!


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-24.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-26.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-25.jpg

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Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_HazelSawatzky-28.jpg

… we had fun. 🙂

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