Gill & JoeyHeritage Park, Calgary


July 11, 2015

Gill & Joey’s wedding had a classic and vintage style. Gill wore a birdcage veil, handmade by her mom, and held a bouquet of red roses. To contrast, the bridesmaids wore black dresses and heels and held bouquets of white roses. A classy pop of red appeared on the girls lips. After the girls got ready and we took pictures of them outside of Gill’s family home. Then we headed in a limo to Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park in Calgary, AB – the perfect location for a vintage/classic styled wedding. The wedding was hosted in a loft above the museum which allowed for the most unique and epic entrance – the elevator! In pairs, the wedding party rode the elevator from the lower floor up to the loft. The isle was situated perfectly so that as the doors slid open they could proceed down the isle and take their place at the front while the violinist played. Then Gill arrived. The doors opened and Gill stepped out into the isle with a dad on each arm. Joey’s face lit up with a smile. During the ceremony, we may have caught him wiping tears from his eyes – Gill responding with an adoring smile. Their vows were entirely genuine, their kiss – passionate. Cheers went up as they were officially announced Mr. & Mrs.!

As guests drank delicious floats, the wedding party escaped outside for a few group shots before returning for the reception. The tables were decorated with vintage wooden cars, advice cards, and mason jars full of baby’s breath labeled with G&J chalkboard signs. The other memorable table item was the guest favor – fudge. I don’t usually enjoy fudge… I ate the whole box. Yum. Heritage Park served a delicious meal before they kicked off the speeches and cake cutting. The couple closed the reception by sharing their first dance. Then, the wedding party was off to wander the grounds for portraits. Scroll to the end to see more pictures from the old school house as well as the wedding party riding the carousel and all of us cooling off from the hot day riding the ferry around the reservoir.

As you view Gill & Joey’s wedding gallery, press play and sway to the 1960’s hit “At Last” by Etta James – their first dance song.


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Before you look at these next pictures, you need to know that Gill and Joey are both teachers! The pictures of them together in the old school house built in 1910 represents much more than just portraits in a unique setting – which, of course, is every photographers delight. In this case we were given special permission to take pictures in this school room (where visitors are typically prohibited to do so) just so these two could capture their relationship and their careers in a very personal way. They are some of my favorite pictures from the entire wedding.

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Want to listen again while you look through their first dance pictures? Go for it!

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