GeorgeLifestyle Newborn Calgary Photography Session

In this post you will see beautiful moments AND the beautiful just-as-real-in-between moments. Nadine and Adam wanted to capture every little bit of real life with their newest love – George. This included having both sets of grandparents join in on the session which is SUCH a great idea! We started outdoors while it was sunny and then headed inside to keep George cozy and well fed. And you get to see it all! Including, a photo at the end that will make any parent laugh!

Ashley Daphne Photography_B_GeorgeAyer-14.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_B_GeorgeAyer-6.jpg

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Ashley Daphne Photography_B_GeorgeAyer-33.jpg


That frustrated face you make when you are more exhausted than ever but so in love with the crying cuteness in your arms…. Yup! Been there! Haha.

Ashley Daphne Photography_B_GeorgeAyer-37.jpg

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