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It is fascinating to see a baby grow. I am sure it is even more fascinating to feel it as a mother. As a friend of Rachel’s, I got to hear the updates on what fruit the baby’s size corresponded to along the way and see her belly expand with wiggling life. Then, one day, Felix is just in her arms! What is amazing is that there really is nothing different about Felix between June 29th and June 30th when he was born. Just that we all get to see him and cuddle him now! In my opinion, he has resembled his mom since the moment he was born. I guess we will have to see over time what characteristics appear, whose personality traits he has picked up, and whether or not he loves guitar hero! I am so excited for Rachel and Nick and honestly think they are going to be pretty amazing parents for this kid. He is less than two months old and has already been on his first camping trip – including hikes. So, here’s to all the adventures yet to come.

Welcome to the world Felix.

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I have to comment on this next photo. The picture below is Felix wearing the same onesie that his dad, Nick, wore when he was brought home from the hospital as a newborn. That’s pretty special.


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