Erin & JordanFish Creek Park, Calgary

E&J Maternity-24

Erin & Jordan are awaiting the arrival of a little boy this December. The wait seems like forever. Yet each week of pregnancy is an incredible stage in the beginning of a life and a time worth remembering. We found a field in Fish Creek Park where I knew the sun would just glisten off the grass as the sun started to set! We snapped pictures as their dog, Cooper, raced around in the grass – a bundle of never-ending energy who surprisingly paused long enough for some great shots! There was this one moment when Erin & Jordan were sitting together, looking down, with hands by the baby who started to kick. Watching Erin & Jordan smile and share that moment makes me curious about the wonders of pregnancy and how incredible it would be to carry a little, growing, life inside of you. What a miracle.

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