Elise & JordanSophisticated Downtown Calgary Engagement Photography Session

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As a wedding photographer I have been asked, “What would you rather do: attend the wedding of a super close friend or photograph it?” I can’t decide! There is something so special about just taking it all in but one of my favorite ways to celebrate is to get behind my lens and capture the moment! However, when Elise asked if I would be her Maid of Honor, it was hands down a no-brainer! I cannot wait to be a part of her wedding party and support them as they exchange some “toit nups!”

Since I will be in the photos with Elise and Jordan (wahoo!), we couldn’t miss out on doing engagement photos together! Elise had always dreamed of photos at these arches in downtown Calgary and it was honestly the perfect spot for this couple. Classy. Sophisticated. Romantic-stylez. Unfortunately, I can’t share our favorite photos because they are a secret for their STD’s (save-the-date’s). Which is totally cool. Coolcoolcoolcoolcool. So, pop on over and follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@ashley_daphne) where I will share them as soon as I am allowed to!! (And if you didn’t catch on, we are Brooklyn 99 fans! If you haven’t seen it, binge watch that magic now!)


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