Dylan + SuzieBarrier Lake Snowfall Couple Session

I have learned that when adventuring – you just go! No matter what the forecast says, you just bundle up and go! As a wedding, couple and family photographer I am always encouraging my clients to not be afraid of unpredictable weather. Stormy or cloudy skies can create some of the most dynamic backdrops and interesting light! This day was no exception. Just epic. The light continually shifted, hiding behind the clouds and then breaking through in a heavenly glow over the lake. I wish I could convince everyone to adventure out to the mountains on days like this! You don’t need to know what you will see, you just need to go and experience what nature offers you.

Barrier Lake is a great option for photos in the mountains! It has many views to work with and the bonus is that it is only 45 MINUTES from the edge of Calgary! We are so lucky as Calgarians to take ‘day trips’ out to the mountains but I know that isn’t always realistic for families. That is why a location like this is just a perfect opportunity! In just 3 hours, you will have driven there and back AND had the Rocky Mountains as the epic background for YOUR photography session! It doesn’t need to take all day. It can be that simple. And if you can make a day of it, why not!?

If you are hoping to head out the mountains and experience some stunning views, 1-2 hours after sunrise or before sunset are ideal on sunny days! If you happen to be an early bird who wants to catch that sunrise and snap a few photos of the sun peaking around one mountain and glistening off the peaks across the valley – do it! It is one of those experiences that leaves you in awe of the glory displayed in nature. It is breathtaking. It pauses the rush. Stops the chaos. Pulls us into one glorious moment that places us exactly where we need to be – a small observer participating in a world much larger than ourselves. I need that perspective. The mountains are a place where I am reminded of what matters and the fact that I can hop in my car and experience that in just 45 minutes is such an amazing gift.

You gotta have some fun, right?! I love when couples don’t mind being playful and going along with whatever goofy instructions I give them because I really love how it helps everyone relax and be themselves. I open most of my sessions letting everyone know that I will offer instruction when it is needed and otherwise, it is all about them just hanging out!! You can feel free to talk, laugh, be goofy, cuddle up – and if I want you to look at me for a moment or stand a certain way, I will let you know! As long as you are interacting with each other, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do! It can be hard to forget about the camera and truly be yourself so silly instructions and little games are exactly what we need to help us focus on making memories with the people who are right beside us.

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