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ChandlerTurner Valley, AB

Chandler is finally in her senior year and celebrated with a photo shoot in Turner Valley where we explored waterfalls, mountain views, and rivers. It is such a diverse area and has become one of my absolute favorite areas for photography. It is a little drive outside Calgary so I was ecstatic when Chandler and her mom were just as excited as I was to go to this location!

Enjoy your senior year and good luck with your university applications! It is such an exciting time of life!

HannahKananaskis, AB

This stunning young lady from a ‘Gilmore Girls-type’ small town in New York found her way to Kananaskis country for her senior portraits! We visited breath-taking landscapes where she did not hesitate walking into the cold mountain water or climbing onto rock ledges so I could grab some epic shots! There were just too many beautiful photos to choose from so make sure to scroll to the bottom where you will see sun-kissed photos of her wading through turquoise water.

I am so glad I got to be a small part of this celebration. Have an AWESOME senior year Hannah!

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Grad 2017Calgary, Alberta

Wahoo!! Congrats to these friends who graduated this past weekend from E.P. Scarlett! It’s the end of one amazing adventure and the beginning of another one. Wherever you end up, I hope you can treasure this season of your friendships, catch-up whenever life allows, and continue to support each other as you navigate your unique journeys.

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Khadijah’s GraduationScottsman's Hill, Calgary

Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-10

Moody skies made for unique portraits for this group of friends! It’s an ongoing tradition for high school graduates to gather on Scottsman’s hill in Calgary, AB for pictures before the banquet in the evening. I love how the colorful dresses pop against the city skyline. We took the time to photograph them as a group (look out for goofy shots with props!) and then take portraits of each to commemorate this special day. Congrats you guys!

Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-31 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-19 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-12Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-9Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-4 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-27 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-15 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-26 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-1 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-2 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-23 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-17 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-11 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-13 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-24 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-3 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-5 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-29 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-25 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-18 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-20 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-28 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-14 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-7 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-33 Ashley Daphne Photography_KhadijahGrad-32

Paige’s GraduationGreen Gate Garden Centre, Calgary

Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-15

When it’s pouring rain on your graduation day… you find a local garden center to hang out in (obviously)! The manager was very welcoming to us and we used the industrial space and all the colors to our advantage! The pounding rain and claps of thunder didn’t distract us one bit. I had already scouted the location as a back-up plan, so when Paige arrived with her best friends and mother, we were ready for a good time.

Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-35 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-12 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-18 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-16 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-7 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-4 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-5 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-20 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-3 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-33 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-14 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-27 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-6 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-32 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-10 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-28 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-29 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-25 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-21 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-22 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-17 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-11Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-19 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-31  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-26  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-8Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-43Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-36 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-37 Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-39  Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-42   Ashley Daphne Photography_PaigeGrad-44 sa

AshleyRainbow Valley Park, Edmonton


Congrats to my beautiful friend Ashley who graduates from the UofA Education program today!!! I want to take a moment to celebrate her and gush over how incredible she is. In short, she is one of the most strong and tender women I know and both qualities come from an absolute confidence in Christ’s love for her and for every person she meets. She is ever thinking of ways to encourage those around her and share with this world a glimpse of the peace she has found in Jesus. I am so blessed, as are so many others, to know this girl. You are a light in this life and will be a wherever your career takes you. I am so proud of all the work you have done to achieve this day. Who knows where you will go from here. You have so many inspiring ideas and I can’t wait to see where you are led to be and change some part of this world for the better.Ash2-3A2-3

For me, Ashley is my ‘soul-sister.’ We are different people in many ways but our souls seem to follow the same path. This is not just an ‘oh my goodness, we can, like, finish each other’s sentences’ kind of friendship (Ashley is almost too polite to interrupt me when I am talking anyway, haha). Our friendship goes much deeper. It is the kind of friendship that lasts over time and distance, is completely vulnerable and safe, and at the same time, challenging and encouraging. I am a better person for having her in my life and I am increasingly grateful for her commitment to our friendship. I anticipate all that we will share in this life and the next together. Thanks for all your love and care and choosing to be a blessing to this world. You’re the best. Love ya girl.

SharonDowntown, Calgary


This is Sharon. She is stunning – inside and out. The end.

But just in case you were curious, Sharon and her husband moved from the UK to Canada almost a year ago. I admire their courage and faith in taking on this adventure together. I had no idea how long the immigration process takes here or how difficult the adjustment is to Canadian culture! Despite these daily challenges, she has already become a blessing to many friends and taken initiative to help build community with other immigrants in the city. Her love of Jesus and her faith in Him is evident in her presence. You would think that in moving to a new country, she would be looking for others to take her under their wing. In reality, she has taken many under her own. To me, she is a spiritual sister, supporting me in prayer and other wonderful creative ways. I know her friends at home must miss her dearly. As much as I would love for her to be back home, I also know there are so many people in Calgary who are deeply grateful to have her light in their life… especially in the midst of our Canadian winter!

On a snowy spring day, I hope these pictures bring a little joy to you.

Sharon-17 Sharon-23Sharon-10 Sharon-21 Sharon-20 Sharon-13 Sharon-27