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GabriCanmore Mountain View Senior Portrait Photography

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If you are coming up from Wyoming for a family trip, why not hire a photographer to do your grad photos with this Rocky Mountain view!!? I was so grateful that Gabri and her family contacted me for this session in Canmore, Alberta! We visited a few different spots for this senior portrait session including a lovely park called West Canmore Park where we saw elk wandering through the valley! We even got a shot of Gabri with the elk in the bottom right corner so keep an eye out for them as you scroll through!

Congratulations on your last year of high school! All the best, Gabri, as you work towards becoming a wonderful nurse.

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I have really grown to love these mountain graduation sessions! You can check out another one of my fav’s here: HANNAH.

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LaurynPrince's Island Park Senior Portrait Photography in Calgary, AB

I can’t get over how stunning Lauryn’s golden hour, senior portrait photography session is! I took the time to walk through Prince’s Island Park and find spots that portrait photographers dream about! Calgary has amazing hidden gems but this park is definitely a favorite for the variety and beautiful scenery.

Looking back, I see how significant graduating from high school really is. Not just academically but personally. After surviving difficult moments of personal development and social drama, you launch into career planning with crazy memories and even crazier awesome friends from the past three years. You have begun to discover who you are, and who you are not, and now get to build the life you want to live. Those few years after high school are for creation. Whether you travel or jump right into schooling (like I did) it is powerful to realize that every day you are creating your life. Those little daily decisions will collectively have more influence on your life than the career you choose. Who you are is the most significant part of your life. So, here is my little piece of advice: create your life with purpose.


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I had been hoping to photograph someone – or anyone! – with lilacs for the past two years and it just wasn’t happening. LAURYN MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! These photos are everything I wanted to create! So. Beautiful. Lauryn, you rocked this session!

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_LaurynSterzuk-26.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_LaurynSterzuk-31.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_LaurynSterzuk-27.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_LaurynSterzuk-34.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_LaurynSterzuk-42.jpg


Thanks for allowing me to celebrate such a significant milestone with you! (And thanks to Jody for being an amazing lighting assistant!) Good luck in your adventures out west! – Ashley

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ChandlerTurner Valley, AB

Chandler is finally in her senior year and celebrated with a photo shoot in Turner Valley where we explored waterfalls, mountain views, and rivers. It is such a diverse area and has become one of my absolute favorite areas for photography. It is a little drive outside Calgary so I was ecstatic when Chandler and her mom were just as excited as I was to go to this location!

Enjoy your senior year and good luck with your university applications! It is such an exciting time of life!

HannahKananaskis, AB

This stunning young lady from a ‘Gilmore Girls-type’ small town in New York found her way to Kananaskis country for her senior portraits! We visited breath-taking landscapes where she did not hesitate walking into the cold mountain water or climbing onto rock ledges so I could grab some epic shots! There were just too many beautiful photos to choose from so make sure to scroll to the bottom where you will see sun-kissed photos of her wading through turquoise water.

I am so glad I got to be a small part of this celebration. Have an AWESOME senior year Hannah!

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Grad 2017Calgary, Alberta

Wahoo!! Congrats to these friends who graduated this past weekend from E.P. Scarlett! It’s the end of one amazing adventure and the beginning of another one. Wherever you end up, I hope you can treasure this season of your friendships, catch-up whenever life allows, and continue to support each other as you navigate your unique journeys.

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