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Our Maternity PhotosSheep River Falls, Alberta

I am so excited to share these photos capturing my first pregnancy as my husband and I start a family together. I had dreamed of photos like these for so long and cannot thank my husband, mom, and friends enough for making it possible!

Photos taken by: Stephanie ( and my mom!
Edited by: Me! Ashley Daphne Photography
Location: Sheep River Falls, Turner Valley, AB

Do you love this location as much as I do? Message me to book a session here!

AndrewCalgary, Alberta

This little unseen miracle is now in the arms of mom and dad, taking in this great big world! I arrived for this cozy lifestyle session and immediately noticed Andrew’s full head of dark, stylish, side swiped hair! Trendy little man already. Apparently his blonde older brother looked very similar when he was born! It is just fascinating to me how these little ones grow and change so uniquely from womb to newborn to toddler. The best surprises just keep coming.

Congratulations on your growing family. May you find moments in each day to treasure the miracles right in front of you.

Sleep Tip from Kristy: We wanted to grab some adorable shots of the little one on his own but he was just not falling asleep. We took a break for a quick feeding and calmed him with his soother just to pop it out and grab a shot or two before the cries began. Of course, Mom knew just what to do… turn on the hairdryer. It lulled Andrew to sleep in no time! I am definitely keeping that trick in mind for the future!

DeclanCalgary, Alberta

Amanda and Jonathan welcomed their second son, Declan, into their family on January 13, 2017! Just a week later I got to photograph this pleasant little guy who smiled for us and eventually fell fast asleep for his first portrait session.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see Declan in a crochet football outfit! Dad is a bronco’s fan so, naturally, both boy’s are fan’s as well… unless mom can teach them otherwise ;).


Nosheen & BenLake Louise, Alberta


I was absolutely THRILLED when Nosheen & Ben contacted me about a session at Lake Louise! They were hoping to use the photos to announce their pregnancy and now that they have made their special announcement, I can share with you these BEAUTIFUL photos!

If you can believe it, although I have lived in Alberta all of my life, I had not been the Lake Louise prior to this! Nosheen and Ben traveled to the Rocky Mountains for their “baby-moon” (honeymoon prior to having a baby) from the U.S. so we got to share the joy of seeing these views for the first time!

I hope you guys had a BLAST adventuring in the mountains.
All the best in your schooling/career endeavors but most importantly,
congratulations on starting a family!

ashley-daphne-photography_nb-5ashley-daphne-photography_nb-29ashley-daphne-photography_nb-8ashley-daphne-photography_nb-9ashley-daphne-photography_nb-2 2016-09-22_0004ashley-daphne-photography_nb-18 ashley-daphne-photography_nb-19ashley-daphne-photography_nbsm-232016-09-22_0001ashley-daphne-photography_nb-6ashley-daphne-photography_nb-1ashley-daphne-photography_nb-10ashley-daphne-photography_nb-13ashley-daphne-photography_nb-122016-09-22_0003ashley-daphne-photography_nb-51ashley-daphne-photography_nb-23 ashley-daphne-photography_nb-32ashley-daphne-photography_nb-242016-09-22_0002 ashley-daphne-photography_nb-17 ashley-daphne-photography_nbsm-43ashley-daphne-photography_nb-33 ashley-daphne-photography_nb-36

It’s A Boy!


AnnabelleHigh River, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--12

Annabelle has now met her parents on this side of the womb and what a joy she is! Her older sister, Sophia, is all blonde and blue eyed like her dad but it seems Annabelle is going to take after her mom. I am always so excited to meet newborn babies! However, I know it is such a privilege to be able to meet them before so many others who have anticipated the birth for much longer than I have. To be welcomed into someones home and trusted with these precious moments is incredible. We patiently and gently calmed Annabelle and she slept perfectly still for us in the basket. You will see in the photos that she has 10 fingers and 10 little toes, a nice head of dark hair and the CUTEST dark eyelashes. Enjoy.

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--9 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016- Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--4 2016-07-12_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--2 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--5 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--10 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--3 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--6 2016-07-12_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--14

Kristina & CoryForget-Me-Not Pond, Bragg Creek

Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-5

Where do I even start? Not only do I love this location (Forgetmenot Pond), and not only do I love every one of these images in their composition, creativity and emotion, but I love these two people more than I can express. Cory and Tina have been long time friends of my husband, Jeff, and I and we were looking forward to hanging out! We headed out early to catch the low morning light, enjoyed stunning views and a pleasant walk before heading back into the city for brunch!

If you would be so kind, send up a prayer for their little boy and for Cory and Tina to be surrounded by peace. There is so much joy in bringing life into this world, but sometimes that joy is tainted by hardships ahead. May your joy never be overcome by fear, may hope keep your spirits strong, and may peace be a force that embraces and does not let go. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. If he is anything like his parents, he’s gonna be a pretty cool kid.

2016-07-12_0004 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016- Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-12 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-17 2016-07-12_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-0222 K&C Mat-0159 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-49K&C Mat-0311 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-76 K&C Mat-0289 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-81 Ashley Daphne Photography_K&CMaternity2016-82

Madi & JoshHigh River, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-34

Sophia has a little sister on the way! The absolute BEST moment of this session was when Madi asked Sophia to come give ‘baby sister’ a kiss and Sophia proceeded to lift up Madi’s dress! I guess Sophia was used to lifting up her mom’s shirt to kiss the belly… the dress was obviously in the way… haha! You will notice Sophia’s favorite toy, a stuffed monkey named Beans, makes an appearance. I don’t mind. In fact, I think Beans should appear in at least one family photo! That is life together as they know it. Sophia carrying around that monkey. Why wouldn’t you want to capture that memory too? It helped Sophia to play and enjoy the session while we captured this pregnancy just days before Madi went into labor! Enjoy the laughter and family time we captured together. And look out… a lot of cuteness will be hitting the blog soon!

M&J Mat2-5 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-13 2016-07-27_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-23 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-49 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-4 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JMaternity2016-33 M&J Mat2-55

LucasCalgary, Alberta


Maternity and newborn sessions happen so close together. One day, we are photographing this little life that is mostly unknown to our visible world, and then we are photographing him in his parent’s arms. It seems a miracle to me that this little boy, just days earlier, was wiggling, stretching, sleeping, and playing inside his mother’s womb. But here he is!

In-home newborn sessions are great because the pictures document a family in the environment they will live, play, and get to know each other in over the years. We captured Lucas enjoying with cuddles on mom and dad’s bed, resting in the nursery and… posed in a basket of course! Wherever life takes this family, I hope they can always look back at these tender and fun moments and recall the beginnings of this immense love only parents can understand.

Lucas--7 Lucas--8 Lucas--10 Lucas-41 Lucas-32 Lucas-39 Lucas--14 Lucas-76 Lucas-77 Lucas--15 Lucas--11 Lucas-52 Lucas-57 Lucas--13 Lucas--12 Lucas-61 Lucas--16 Lucas--4 Lucas--2 Lucas--6 Lucas-new

Andrew & BethFoothills Hospital, Calgary

Galster Maternity-66

This is a 25 week maternity session – something most parents never imagine needing to do so soon. My friends Andrew and Beth were facing complications and wanted to have family photos taken before the time for an emergency c-section arrived balancing timing that would save both Beth and baby’s lives. We started in their hospital room, capturing the honest moments of this story, before we ventured around the hospital looking for usable spaces. We courageously ignored the many nurses, patients and visitors walking by, knowing the significance that these pictures would hold. Baby Theo, “divine gift,” was born just days after. He is stable and fighting hard through every uncertain moment. There are still other complications in play and it will be a long journey for this little family so if you have a moment, send them some love and prayers.

Andrew & Beth, the way you support each other is evident in these pictures. The joy, the sorrow, the holding on to each other. I am praying that you will have the privilege of holding Theo in your arms for many years to come.

2015-12-28_0006 Galster Maternity-73 2015-12-28_0008Galster Maternity-2 Galster Maternity-17 2015-12-28_0002Galster Maternity-4 Galster Maternity-62015-12-28_0003Galster Maternity-21 Galster Maternity-8 Galster Maternity-36 Galster Maternity-33 2015-12-28_0004Galster Maternity-40 2015-12-26_0007 Galster Maternity-54ear

Erin & JordanFish Creek Park, Calgary

E&J Maternity-24

Erin & Jordan are awaiting the arrival of a little boy this December. The wait seems like forever. Yet each week of pregnancy is an incredible stage in the beginning of a life and a time worth remembering. We found a field in Fish Creek Park where I knew the sun would just glisten off the grass as the sun started to set! We snapped pictures as their dog, Cooper, raced around in the grass – a bundle of never-ending energy who surprisingly paused long enough for some great shots! There was this one moment when Erin & Jordan were sitting together, looking down, with hands by the baby who started to kick. Watching Erin & Jordan smile and share that moment makes me curious about the wonders of pregnancy and how incredible it would be to carry a little, growing, life inside of you. What a miracle.

Blog2 E&J Maternity-8 Blog1 E&J Maternity-12 E&J Maternity-13 E&J Maternity-14 E&J Maternity-15 Blog4 E&J Maternity-19 E&J Maternity-18 E&J Maternity-23 Blog3 E&J Maternity-31 Blog5 E&J Maternity-28 E&J Maternity-32 E&J Maternity-30 E&J Maternity-33 E&J Maternity-35 E&J Maternity-36 E&J Maternity-38

Leanne & SteveFish Creek Park, Calgary


I am so glad these friends allowed me to photograph this moment in their life! Steve is a fellow photographer so that always puts the pressure on. 😉 You can see his work here: SB Photos! We all had a great time wandering at sunset and walking through shrubs to find the perfect light. My husband/assistant joined us so it was a perfect evening for the four of us to catch up!

For the maternity session, Leanne & Steve wanted to go to a sentimental location – the ridge overlooking Fish Creek Park close to where Steve proposed a few years ago. After getting married, their dog Eli was the first addition to their family. Now Leanne and Steve’s little one is due in just under a month!  The gender of their baby will be a surprise and although they have a few names in mind, are waiting to see their child in person before choosing the perfect name.

I am so excited for you both and cannot wait to hear whether its a boy or girl and what name you choose!

L&S-5 Blog1 L&S-9 L&S--6 L&S (1 of 1) L&S-6 L&S-46 Blog2 L&S-61 Blog3

FelixCalgary, Alberta


Felix Blog 2 Felix-5 Felix-34 Felix-2

Felix Blog 3 Felix-6

It is fascinating to see a baby grow. I am sure it is even more fascinating to feel it as a mother. As a friend of Rachel’s, I got to hear the updates on what fruit the baby’s size corresponded to along the way and see her belly expand with wiggling life. Then, one day, Felix is just in her arms! What is amazing is that there really is nothing different about Felix between June 29th and June 30th when he was born. Just that we all get to see him and cuddle him now! In my opinion, he has resembled his mom since the moment he was born. I guess we will have to see over time what characteristics appear, whose personality traits he has picked up, and whether or not he loves guitar hero! I am so excited for Rachel and Nick and honestly think they are going to be pretty amazing parents for this kid. He is less than two months old and has already been on his first camping trip – including hikes. So, here’s to all the adventures yet to come.

Welcome to the world Felix.

Felix Announcement


Felix-11 Felix-10 Felix-9 Felix-7 Felix-8 Felix-16 Felix-15 Felix-13 Felix-12 Felix-23 Felix-25 Felix-26 Felix-22 Felix-24 Felix Blog 4 Felix Blog 5 Felix-17 Felix Blog 6 Felix-28 Felix-31

I have to comment on this next photo. The picture below is Felix wearing the same onesie that his dad, Nick, wore when he was brought home from the hospital as a newborn. That’s pretty special.