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Sawatzky FamilyBright Autumn Family Photography Session

This family photography session was such a thoughtful gift from ‘the grown-up kids’ to the grandparents. It could not have been a more perfect day for a family fall session! Just look at those colors! I always enjoy mixing in a bunch of different interactive and posed moments so families get to have memories of all kinds to look back on. So, as you scroll through, enjoy the smiles and silly moments that brought life to such a beautiful day and beautiful family.


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“Where the Wild Things Are” Birthday + Cake Smash

It has been two years since I entered this kind home to celebrate Brendon and Amandeep’s daughter’s first birthday. (You can check out Neelum’s Cake Smash here!) Now, there is a little ‘WILD ONE’ on the scene ready for his own cake smash! Friends and family gathered to celebrate Harlok (Loki)’s first birthday with a fun “Where the Wild Things Are” cake smash, incredible food, and nature themed backyard games. I think the photos pretty much capture it all so enjoy scrolling through! Keep an eye out for the raksha ceremony and an explanation of what it represents near the end!


It took a little bit for Harlok to get going but with a little help from his mom and sister, he began pulling chunks off and taking some big bites!




Don’t worry, its all essential oils!… well, almost!



The raksha – traditionally a red string – is tied by a sister onto a brother’s wrist. It represents the affection and protection between siblings. Neelum tied one on all her extended ‘brothers’ wrists. She needed a bit of help at first but easily caught on and began to pull the knots tight on her own. Lastly, but most significantly, she tied a raksha on Harlok’s wrist, followed with a sweet kiss. You can see that beautiful moment in the photos at the very end!


Pin the tail on the bear was sketched by Harlok’s dad! (I think he also sketched the “Wild Thing’s” photo-op boards!) WOW!


Harlok’s extended sisters tied raksha bracelets on his wrist. Hold on for just a little longer to see Neelum take her turn!


Wenzel FamilyCalgary Rustic Barn Family Photography Session

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-2.jpg

As a family photographer, I often take walks around Calgary in search of new locations clients will love! Lesley had her heart set on a rustic barn which was such a cool idea! Sadly, the barn we had originally chosen had recently been demolished. We rescheduled and I went scouting. Thanks to the advice of a friend, I found this amazing red barn – from 1923 I might add! I mustered up all my courage, went up to the house on the property and knocked. I introduced myself to the owner and told him about the photography session. Thankfully, he was incredibly kind and more than happy to let us come to his property to do the photography session!! I was ecstatic! I am so glad to have such an amazing location as an option for future family and couple sessions!

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-27.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-6.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-12.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-28.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-13.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-18.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-14.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-24.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-4.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_Wenzel-8.jpg


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Family Hiking AdventureLifestyle Hiking Photography Session at Johnston Canyon, AB

These are the memories we make as we grow up. Hiking with dad, exploring and climbing, the promise of sweet treats at the end of the day… Why not bring a photographer along to capture these moments?  Photographs and photography sessions can be about so much more than remembering what you or your kids looked like at a certain age – it can be about capturing the adventure of your family. It’s the silly moments, the goofy playfulness, sincere hugs and kisses, simple walks and unexpected laughter. It’s life as you know it. It’s life as you want to remember it.

Skinner FamilyFish Creek Park, Calgary

Got to plan ahead for those Christmas cards! This rustic, outdoor fall session was the perfect way for this family to update their loved ones on their growing boy and second baby on the way! The playful games and laughter captured what I imagine as some of the best parts of family life – no task to do, nothing else distracting – just us as a family.

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Neelum’s 1st BirthdayCalgary, Alberta


This family couldn’t help but go all out for Neelum’s first birthday! When I arrived, everyone was involved getting ready an assortment of delicious food – including the beautiful fruit-topped smash cake! Guests began to arrive, the fire crackled, bubbles floated around the yard, and the mini teepee was frequented by almost every child at the party! Make sure you scroll down to see the awesome decor and, best of all, Neelum’s cake smash photos! They are adorable!

Enjoy a some tunes as you scroll! (“Count on Me” by Mat Kearney)


2016-09-11_0001ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-5 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-22016-09-11_0002ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-16

This book-themed party was decorated with touches of gold, blue and pink all around the backyard. It was evident that a lot of love and creativity went into this celebration! Pictures of Neelum from birth through 12 months were strung across the fence with bunting…The Giving Tree book was laid out with pens for guests to sign…each child left with a gift bag or book wrapped and tied with a sparkly gold ‘N’… and… My FAVOURITE decor piece… confetti balloons!

ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-102016-09-11_0003ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-13 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-12 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-17 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-18ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-222016-09-11_0005ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-25ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-292016-09-11_00262016-09-11_0009ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-302016-09-11_0008 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-31ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-33ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-322016-09-11_0014 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-48ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-49ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-50ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-78ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-35 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-36ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-38ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-34ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-41ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-422016-09-11_0004 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-40 2016-09-11_00062016-09-11_0007ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-55 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-56 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-58 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-59 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-61 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-65 2016-09-11_0011ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-28ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-662016-09-11_0010ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-70 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-852016-09-11_0013ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-73 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-76 2016-09-11_0012

Thank you to the Clark family for having me as a part of this special event. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope you love looking through and remembering these fun memories!

2016-09-11_0015ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-79 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-84 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-86 2016-09-11_0016ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-952016-09-11_0028ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-97ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-92ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-98ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-99 2016-09-11_0019ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-112ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-110 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-111 2016-09-11_00212016-09-11_0022ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-113 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-1162016-09-11_0020ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-115ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-117ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-114ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-119ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-120ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-118 2016-09-11_0027ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-121 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-122 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-123 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-126 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-127 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-128 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-129 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-130 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-132 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-133 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-134 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-135 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-137 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-138 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-136 2016-09-11_0025ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-140 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-141 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-142 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-143 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-144 2016-09-11_0024ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-148 ashley-daphne-photography_neelum-150 2016-09-11_0023

Happy 1st Birthday Neelum!


It is always neat to see how another family enjoys time together, celebrating the special milestones in life. And as a family grows, we gain more and more reasons to do that!

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