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Katrina & BraydenAutumn Romance Wedding

From family heirlooms and the groom’s hand picked tie from Italy, to music notes on the wine bottles and the cat who had to check out the dress and join in on portraits – Katrina and Brayden’s wedding was full of sentimental touches.

There is a lovely path around the property that they had walked many times while deep in conversation, sharing joys and heartaches. It was here that Katrina and Brayden would meet for their first look. Brayden dropped to the ground. Tears were building in his eyes as he stood to embrace her. As they relaxed into each others presence as bride and groom, Katrina presented Brayden with the wedding band she had chosen for him.The ceremony was just as sweet with more laughter and more tears. As the Mother of the Groom noted at the reception, there was no lack of ‘leaking’ in the Vander Leek family and Katrina fit in perfectly!

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Edmonton’s Old Timer’s Cabin – a stunning location for their rustic autumn wedding with burgundy accents. Katrina and Brayden are both talented musicians who participate on the worship teams at their church. This is how they met. Naturally there had to be live music by their friends throughout the day including Katrina’s maid of honor who sang during communion and the signing of the registry.

With all that musical talent in the room, it wasn’t surprising that we were serenaded all night long! Old tunes, modern melodies, and completely re-written lyrics had K + B smooching in increasingly creative ways all evening! Strung lights and candle lit lanterns illuminated the venue as the sun disappeared and the dance floor took over! Tender moments with parents, the couple’s first dance, and some ‘lost in the music’ dance moves that will make you laugh! … so don’t miss out and scroll to the end!

Second Shooter: Bethany from Jon+Beth Photo
Venue: Old Timer’s Cabin
Wedding Dress: Ethos Bridal Boutique
Flowers: Bunches Flower Company by Eric Armstrong
Videography: Jon+Beth Photo
Make Up: Karissa Johnson (Vander Leek)
Hair: Andrea Morse
Catering: Michelle Rypstra & Yolande Tkachyk from Heartland Alliance Church
Stationary: Watercolor by Keandra Lucki
Groom’s Tux: Derks Formal Wear

To be at this wedding as friend, kinda/almost-family member, and photographer was the greatest honor. Had I not been focused on capturing their day, I would have easily found myself with tears of joy coming down my face! K+B, you two are steadfast and wise. May you always love without reservation – yourselves, each other, and the world. Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Emily & JamesCalgary, AB

These two incredibly sweet – and equally goofy – people vowed to share life together and their whole day was a wonderful reflection of who they are together.  Congratulations Emily & James! It was such a privilege to celebrate your engagement and marriage with you and your families.

Bride’s Gown: Beautiful Bride Calgary
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Moores Calgary
Ceremony: Southview Alliance Church
Reception: Sundance Lodge
Caterer: Roma Catering

David & EricaBragg Creek, AB

Have you ever heard of a Getaway & Photography package at a forest surrounded five-star chateau that will serve you piles of fresh berries on home-made french toast for breakfast as you look out over the Elbow river?? The Riverside Chateau and I partner to offer this incredible package that incorporates rest and luxury, adventure and captured memories.

David and Erica booked their romantic getaway at the Riverside Chateau in Bragg Creek, AB to celebrate their first wedding anniversary! As a part of their celebrations they pulled out the wedding dress and tux for our session. The chateau, a western style log mansion, is a beauty situated along the Elbow River. As you can see, the surroundings provide so many options for photos. I had a blast using my knowledge of the property to creatively capture this milestone for David and Erica.

Interested in a session? Message me at!

Check out the Riverside Chateau at

Madeline & AustinTurner Valley, AB

After the ceremony and celebratory high-fives, we were happy to explore the surrounding area of Millarville and Turner Valley including the YWAM base where these two met. There was no shortage of laughter and the tender moments paused time – which you can only hope for on a day you want to remember for the rest of your life. Make sure to scroll to the end to see their beautiful outdoor reception and energetic dance that kicked off in the golden light of sun set.


If you are interested in chatting about your wedding, send me a note at!

Emily & JamesKananaskis, Alberta

I am always so pumped to meet couples who are just as excited to be in the mountains as I am! We got up while it was still dark and headed out to photograph in the early morning light. We got a moody day – wind, cloud, and fog appearing then subsiding – which made for some hair blown, blanket wrapped cuddling to start. These two were just so sweet to each other and so fun to hang out with for the day. Not to mention they suggested we stop in for some poutines at La Belle Patate in Canmore before heading home!! Pretty awesome day if you ask me.

Katrina & BraydenLake Minnewanka, Alberta

Katrina and Brayden are such a lovely young couple and I am just thrilled they are getting married this coming fall! We were all set on a winter engagement session in the mountains and just happened to choose the best and worst day to head out to Lake Minnewanka. Although the temperature was zero degrees Celsius (the best part!), the humidity was abnormally high so we FROZE in the breeze. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if the temperature was any lower. These two toughed it out being positive and absolutely adorable the whole time. It was wonderful, as always, to catch up on life and hear about all the life and wedding plans coming together. Your wedding day will be here so soon!


Melissa & DarrenToronto, Ontario

December 17, 2016

Congrats to my beautiful cousin and her husband!

I was so honored that they asked me to help capture their winter wedding celebration. The snowfall from the night before gave us a beautiful white world. It was picturesque for a winter wedding with cranberry red accents SO thankfully this AWESOME wedding party was willing to brave the cold (and freezing rain) to grab some outdoor shots!

Enjoy Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” as you take a look at their day!

Creative Team:

Wedding Dress – Wtoo gown purchased at Felicia Bridal
Make Up Artist – Marisa Augusto
Hair Stylist – Rose Corbo
Florist – Astilbe Floral Boutique
Bridesmaid Necklaces – The Silver Wren
Venue: Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre
Videographer – NG Studio
Additional Photographers – FM&Co. photography

Hannah & BraydenEdmonton, Alberta


These sweethearts have been waiting a long time to exchange their wedding vows and the day could not have been more perfect.

Tangible energy from morning to evening.
Everybody contributing in their own way to make the day special.
Happy tears, sad tears and cheers of joy.
Communion and family prayers.
Hannah hiding under her own dress
to avoid the sudden downpour!
(How is that possible? Scroll down to see those photos!)
Hilarious poses, photo-bombs, and speeches.
An outfit change to signal their marriage.
And (although it has been the case for a long time…)
an official wholehearted embrace into each other’s family.

To say they danced the night away is an understatement! Their party was one of the best I have seen! I was torn between photographing it all and putting down my camera to get in the middle of the party and dance with them!

Thank you so much, Hannah & Brayden, for having me photograph your engagement and wedding! It was an absolute pleasure and I know you two have all the support you could possibly dream of. Have a fun and lasting life together. I hope these photos will always be a reminder of what an amazing wedding day you had, how in love you are now, and a marker of how your love grows deeper with each passing day.

2016-09-16_0019ashley-daphne-photography_hb-42016-09-16_0001ashley-daphne-photography_hb-72016-09-16_0002 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-11ashley-daphne-photography_hb-12 2016-09-16_0003ashley-daphne-photography_hb-15ashley-daphne-photography_hb-9ashley-daphne-photography_hb-8

Creative Team:

(My AMAZING) Second Shooter – Bethany of Eye of the Beholder Photography
Make-Up – Renee Hopkins
Hair – Jerica Wheaton
Flowers – Graham & Lane Florists, selected by the bride’s Uncle, Anil Perera.
Dresses – The Bridal House
Suits – Moores
Ceremony Venue – Calvary Community Church, Edmonton, AB
Officiate – Paul Eisentrager
Reception Venue – Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort
Cake – Bake My Day
Rentals – Special Event Rentals Edmonton

ashley-daphne-photography_hb-162016-09-16_00042016-09-16_00052016-09-16_0006 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-22 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-25ashley-daphne-photography_hb-24 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-27 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-28 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-29 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-30 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-312016-09-16_0007ashley-daphne-photography_hb-35 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-36 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-37 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-39 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-41 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-42 2016-09-19_0001ashley-daphne-photography_hb-45 2016-09-16_0008ashley-daphne-photography_hb-502016-09-16_0009ashley-daphne-photography_hb-52 2016-09-16_0010ashley-daphne-photography_hb-55 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-57ashley-daphne-photography_hb-592016-09-16_0011 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-62ashley-daphne-photography_hb-602016-09-16_0012ashley-daphne-photography_hb-65 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-66 2016-09-16_0013ashley-daphne-photography_hb-71 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-73ashley-daphne-photography_hb-72 2016-09-16_0014ashley-daphne-photography_hb-76 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-82ashley-daphne-photography_hb-83ashley-daphne-photography_hb-842016-09-16_00172016-09-16_0015ashley-daphne-photography_hb-87ashley-daphne-photography_hb-882016-09-16_0016ashley-daphne-photography_hb-792016-09-16_0018ashley-daphne-photography_hb-96 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-99ashley-daphne-photography_hb-98 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-100 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-101 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-104 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-102 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-105 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-106 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-107 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-108 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-111 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-109 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-116ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1142016-09-18_0001ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1172016-09-18_0003ashley-daphne-photography_hb-131 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-132 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-118 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-124ashley-daphne-photography_hb-127ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1212016-09-18_0011ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1262016-09-18_0009ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1192016-09-18_0002ashley-daphne-photography_hb-128

So… when the rain hits, it’s always good to have layers and MORE layers to protect your perfect hair and make-up!

ashley-daphne-photography_hb-135 2016-09-18_0012

While we waited for the rain to pass, we took a stop at Tim Hortons & Wendy’s for snacks!

ashley-daphne-photography_hb-138 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-139 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-140 2016-09-18_0008ashley-daphne-photography_hb-143 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-144 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-146 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-165ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1452016-09-18_0004ashley-daphne-photography_hb-157ashley-daphne-photography_hb-164ashley-daphne-photography_hb-152ashley-daphne-photography_hb-150ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1602016-09-18_0006ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1512016-09-18_0005ashley-daphne-photography_hb-162ashley-daphne-photography_hb-154

And off to the ceremony! Don’t miss the EPIC dance shots near the end!

ashley-daphne-photography_hb-177ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1782016-09-18_0017ashley-daphne-photography_hb-168ashley-daphne-photography_hb-172ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1872016-09-18_0021ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1882016-09-18_0014ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1912016-09-18_00232016-09-18_0024 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1892016-09-18_0016ashley-daphne-photography_hb-1952016-09-18_0019ashley-daphne-photography_hb-182ashley-daphne-photography_hb-228 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-219ashley-daphne-photography_hb-220 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-2222016-09-18_0025ashley-daphne-photography_hb-226 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-227 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-2082016-09-18_0031ashley-daphne-photography_hb-211 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-212 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-2132016-09-18_0022ashley-daphne-photography_hb-217 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-218 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-230 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-229 2016-09-18_0028 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-235ashley-daphne-photography_hb-2342016-09-18_0027ashley-daphne-photography_hb-239ashley-daphne-photography_hb-2382016-09-18_0029ashley-daphne-photography_hb-248 ashley-daphne-photography_hb-249 2016-09-18_0030ashley-daphne-photography_hb-253

Congrats you two!

Want to see more? You can check out Hannah & Brayden’s relaxed engagement session here!
Or, visit the BLOG!

James & CharityCalgary, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-365

June 11, 2016

CREATIVE. That was the word I kept in mind as I photographed James and Charity’s wedding day. As creative people themselves involved with beat boxing and hip-hop group Legacy One, they wanted their wedding photos to be completely unique, something they had never seen before. We went to a variety of locations, took creative risks, played with shadows, laughed a lot and created some of the best memories I have as a photographer. It is so wonderful to have a couple trust you completely… even when you are lying on a cement floor to photograph them or standing on driveways in the middle of a seemingly boring community (*if you see the wildflower pictures below… that’s what I am talking about!) There are amazing shots of their day from the ceremony to the portraits to the guests dancing the night away so make sure you scroll all the way to the end! You can also check out their forest sunset engagement session here!

As you scroll, enjoy one of my favorite songs, “Something In the Water” by Brooke Fraser.


Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-164Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-202016-08-23_0003

Meet the creative team:

Flowers: Avenida Grower Direct
Bride’s Dress: Ethos
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: The Bridal Centre
Caterer: Distinctive Catering
Videographer: Jill Tranquilla
DJ: Bryce Plante

Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-192016-08-23_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-122016-08-23_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-8 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-27 2016-08-23_0004 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-49 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-88 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-83 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-71 2016-08-23_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-108 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-129 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-133 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-193Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2002016-08-25_0002Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-205Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-197Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-1982016-08-25_0003Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-195 2016-08-25_0001Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-222 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-223 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-226 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-228 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-239 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-267Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C--2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-2572016-08-25_0004Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-255 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-273 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-279 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-277

I have never seen a wedding party have so much fun. While we were taking pictures of the bride and groom, the wedding party created a ridiculous music video complete with dancing scenes, team push-ups, and, obviously, sandwich breaks (because the best wedding parties keep the bride and group well fed and hydrated)!

Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-280Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-283 2016-08-25_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-306 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-308 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-305 2016-08-25_0007 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-371 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-369 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-293 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-310 2016-08-25_0008 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-368 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-342 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-324 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-321 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-293-2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-333 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-329 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-365 2016-08-25_0009 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-367-2Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-331 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-332 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-322 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-355 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-331-2 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-358 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-362 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-349 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-364 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-376 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-383 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-384Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C- Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-504 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-479 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-446 2016-08-25_0010 2016-08-23_0005Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-522 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-461 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-533 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-539 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-545 2016-08-25_0012 2016-08-25_0013 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-563 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-569 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-558 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-570 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-594 2016-08-25_0014 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-581 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-587 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-597 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-603 Ashley Daphne Photography_J&C-605

Thanks for visiting!


Karisha & JuanBragg Creek, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-85

May 28, 2016

Welcome to the Riverside Chateau – a beautiful, secluded lodge in Bragg Creek. It is a perfectly romantic place for an intimate, rustic wedding. Karisha got ready in their wood paneled honeymoon suite while guests gathered on the veranda waiting for the ceremony to begin. Take a listen to this upbeat, joyful song that the couple played during their day as you look through the photos.

Meet the creative team:
Location: Riverside Chateau, Bragg Creek
Dresses & Shoes: David’s Bridal
Tux & Suits: Black and Lee
Make-Up & Hair: Jamie Rankin
Flowers & Rentals: Simply Elegant

“Fine, Fine Life” by For King and Country


Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-6 2016-08-03_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-3Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-8 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-9 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-14Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-15Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-16Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-11Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-102016-08-03_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-19 2016-08-03_0004 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-26 2016-08-03_0003 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-24 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-25 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-27 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-30 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-18 2016-08-03_0005 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-32 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-33 2016-08-03_0006 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-37 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-41 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-36 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-45 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-38 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-42 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-44 2016-08-03_0007Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-43Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-48Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-49Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-46 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-52 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-53 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-54 2016-08-03_0008 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-55 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-61Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-60

Blessing spoken by Pastor Ed:

“May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,
and the fellowship and empowerment of the Holy Spirit
be with you for all of your days as you journey together,
learning to love as God loves.”

Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-62 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-63 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-65 2016-08-03_0009 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-702016-08-03_0010Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-69 2016-08-03_0011 2016-08-03_0012Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-78 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-86 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-90 2016-08-03_0013Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-97 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-96 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-95

I first met Karisha & Juan briefly at another wedding last year. I saw Juan swinging Karisha around on the dance floor and thought to myself “I hope they are together… they make a cute couple.” Little did I know they were a couple and that Juan would soon be PROPOSING in THAILAND during their elephant ride!! I was thrilled to receive their inquiry for wedding photography just a few months later. Meeting Karisha and Juan, I instantly noticed that they are both sincere and kind in an unmistakably authentic way. The atmosphere and kind words shared throughout their day reflected this. I was so grateful to be a part of their day, become friends with them along the way, and honored to share their memories here.

2016-08-03_0016 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-103 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-99 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-98 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-104 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-105 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-106 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-111 2016-08-03_0014 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-107 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-110 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-113 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-127 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-116Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-114 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-117 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-129 2016-08-03_0015 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-124 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-118 2016-08-03_0018 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-119 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-120 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-125 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-131 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-132 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-1332016-08-03_0017 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-140 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-141 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-142 2016-08-03_0019 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-144 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-145 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-146 2016-08-03_0020 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-162 2016-08-03_0021 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-148 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-161 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-149 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-151 2016-08-03_0022 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-154 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-166 2016-08-03_0024Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-201 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-172 2016-08-03_0023 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-170 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-171Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-173 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-177 Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-184

May the joy of your love continue to grow with each passing day.

Ashley Daphne Photography_DK&J-183

Catherine & DaveyMayan Riviera, Mexico


After spontaneously second shooting this amazing beach wedding with the lovely Melissa of Bespoke Photography, I am in FULL support of destination weddings! How amazing is it to spend a whole week with the friends and family you love, not feeling rushed to say hi to everyone, and making the wedding a week-long celebration! Jeff (my amazing husband) and I enjoyed every moment of this vacation celebrating with our friends Davey & Catherine. We wish you all the love and joy in the world as you adventure through life together!

Resort: Barcelo Maya Beach Resort

Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-2 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-1 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-3 Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-38Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-5 D&C3-54 D&C3-47 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-6   Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-10Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-81Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-12D&C3-84Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-13  D&C3-87D&C3-76Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-82016-07-27_0007D&C3-107Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-9 Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-97D&C3-28 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-14 D&C3-121 D&C3-124Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-129Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-16D&C3-143D&C3-144 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-17 D&CA-155 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-18 D&CA-170 D&CA-173 D&C3-177 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-24 D&CA-182 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-20 D&CA-199 D&CA-203 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-23 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-21 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-22 D&CA-225 D&CA-237 D&CA-239 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-26 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-27 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-39 D&C-49 2016-07-27_0003Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-69Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-342016-07-27_0004D&C3-264 D&C3-283Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C- 2016-07-27_0002D&C3-2992016-07-27_0005Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-28Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-35 D&CA-287Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C1-3D&C3-308D&CA-311 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-34 2016-07-27_0006Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-30 Ashley Daphne Photography-C&D-33Ashley Daphne Photography_D&C2048-10D&C3-331