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Vance + DawnElegant Rouge Restaurant Calgary Wedding

Ashley Daphne Photography_B_VanceDawn-68.jpg

You know love when you see it. Vance and Dawn, along with her daughter and son who walked her down the isle, officially became a family and the joy on their faces as they embraced in a family huddle after the ceremony was one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed this wedding season. Vance and Dawn had an intimate wedding in the gardens of Rouge. Despite pending rain clouds, the sun broke through. (Although I am pretty sure if you collected all the tears during the ceremony it may have made up for it :P) Even if it had been pouring, nothing could have dampened the joy or significance of this moment.



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Venue: Rouge Restaurant
Officiant: Jerry Stilson
Bride’s Rings: Designs by Manuel
Groom’s Ring: Calgary Jewellery
Florist: Oasis Flowers
Wedding Dress: Ted Baker
Tie & Pocket Square: Harry Rosen


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Heather + TylerUrban and Vibrant Non-Traditional Deane House Calgary, AB Wedding

When we are looking for our soul-mate, we dream of the adventure.

Then we meet them and dare to live it.

Make-Up: Angela McIntosh | Makeup Artist & Pro Makeup Mentor
Hair: Annah Gagnon from RedBloom Salon | East Village
Wedding Dress: The Bridal Experience Boutique
Rings: Alberta Diamond Exchange
Ring Boxes: Dark Horse Gifts
Florist: Fern & Frond (Chelsea Hogan)
Hankerchief: LovelyHankies2015
Bride’s Shoes: John Fluevog Shoes
Tux + Suits: Derks Formals
Bridesmaid Dresses: eShakti

Invitations: Pink Umbrella Designs
Venue + Catering: Deane House
Wedding Officiate: Jerry Stilson
Cake & Macaroon Favors: Pretty Sweet Bakeshop
Welcome Sign + Guest Book – Little W Studio


To your forever, congratulations Heather + Tyler.

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Elise & JordanSophisticated Downtown Calgary Engagement Photography Session

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-22.jpg

As a wedding photographer I have been asked, “What would you rather do: attend the wedding of a super close friend or photograph it?” I can’t decide! There is something so special about just taking it all in but one of my favorite ways to celebrate is to get behind my lens and capture the moment! However, when Elise asked if I would be her Maid of Honor, it was hands down a no-brainer! I cannot wait to be a part of her wedding party and support them as they exchange some “toit nups!”

Since I will be in the photos with Elise and Jordan (wahoo!), we couldn’t miss out on doing engagement photos together! Elise had always dreamed of photos at these arches in downtown Calgary and it was honestly the perfect spot for this couple. Classy. Sophisticated. Romantic-stylez. Unfortunately, I can’t share our favorite photos because they are a secret for their STD’s (save-the-date’s). Which is totally cool. Coolcoolcoolcoolcool. So, pop on over and follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@ashley_daphne) where I will share them as soon as I am allowed to!! (And if you didn’t catch on, we are Brooklyn 99 fans! If you haven’t seen it, binge watch that magic now!)


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-17.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-11.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-13.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-23.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-28.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-27.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-16.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_EliseJordan2018-4.jpg


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Emily & Graham

The picturesque Rocky Mountains never disappoint. I have driven out to the mountains for my own maternity photos, for engagement sessions, for senior portrait sessions and more but this was my VERY FIRST time as a wedding photographer, photographing a destination Rocky Mountain wedding in Canmore and Kananaskis!!! It is a wedding photographers dream! And what was even better is that I have a connection to this couple from years ago so being able to witness and photograph this wedding was extremely special.

Enjoy looking through the photos and sharing in these special moments with Emily & Graham!

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-16.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-21.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-22.jpg

Venue: Bill Warren Training Center
Florist: Willow Flower Co.
Hair: Lilies and Lace
Wedding Dress: Urban Bride Delivered
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tux & Suits: Le Chateau
Stationary: Vistaprint
Cupcakes: Crave Cupcakes
Caterer: Bow Valley Gormet
Officiate: Tim Moore

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-113.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-114.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-19.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-15.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-18.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-20.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-23.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-25.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-28.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-30.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-31.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-32.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-33.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-34.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-35.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-37.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-39.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-45.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-44.jpg

I love when couples are bold enough to include the most significant relationships in their wedding party – even if it means they have to forego the traditional “guys on one side, girls on the other.” Worried about colors? Look how seamlessly the groom’s sister’s grey dress fits in! I love it!


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-42.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-54.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-58.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-55.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-56.jpg

Emily and Graham planned their day so thoughtfully. They incorporated the bride’s grandfather’s typewriter, hand painted details and the cross of Jesus to symbolize the significance of their faith in marriage. There were excited nerves all morning but an overwhelming peace going into the ceremony. They knew this was exactly where they wanted to be.

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-7.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-6.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-8.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-9.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-10.jpg

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Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-11.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-59.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-61.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-60.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-62.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-65.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-66.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-64.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-67.jpg

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Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-74.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-77.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-75.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-90.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-91.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-89.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-88.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-87.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-83.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-82.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-79.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-80.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-92.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-86.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-78.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-81.jpg

A wedding reception can’t happen without a surprise or two! The first was from the bride’s parents who decided to sing and play the ukulele to “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler as a surprise first dance for E & G which was so incredibly sweet.

The second surprise was unexpected and hilarious. This wedding was classy, don’t get me wrong. But it was also full of goofs. And nerds. So let’s just say that when the Father of the Bride and Best Man start a spontaneous speech with “We didn’t know until today, but both of us really enjoy doing Yoda impressions!” you know you are in for a good time! Apparently, great marriage advice, Yoda gives!

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-3.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-97.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-98.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-1.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-96.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-95.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-2.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-101.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-105.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-12.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-106.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-102.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-103.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-109.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-111.jpg

Congrats Emily & Graham!!
It was such an honor to be a part of your day. May God be the one that binds you together in all of your love, your adventures, your struggles and your joys. Continue being your sophisticated goofy selves. Love Ashley.

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_E&G20118-112.jpg

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Britta & Dave

How many of us have super awesome relationships or memories that were made at coffee shops?! Shout out to all the local and chain establishments that have made it possible to warm up on a cold day and meet the love of your life!!

Dave and Britta had their first date at this exact Starbucks coffee shop and it was the same place where they reunited over cups of mint tea and decided to pursue a future together. But, before we headed over there, I took them to a beautiful clearing in a Douglas Fir sanctuary. It was just stunning! Fresh snow from the day before covered the ground and the late afternoon sun shone through the trees.

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-7.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-10.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-19.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-5.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-18.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-14.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-15.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-9.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-13.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-6.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-4.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-29.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-28.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-21.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-23.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-32.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-35.jpg


Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-22.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-30.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-34.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-33.jpg

Ashley Daphne Photography_sm_BDengagement-38.jpg

Lisette & JohnPlayful Winter Fish Creek Engagement Session

I have heard about destination weddings but destination proposals are TOTALLY a thing too! This fun couple met at University in Amsterdam. This year they decided to visit Alberta, Canada during Christmas  where John’s parents are currently working. Of course, one does not visit Calgary and NOT see the mountains. They took many trips for hikes and spectacular views including a trip to Lake Louise. On a very VERY cold day, John convinced Lisette to venture outside for a walk out onto the lake. After taking some fun photos, John got on one knee and proposed! So, it only made sense to capture this significant memory by doing their engagement session outdoors in a picturesque Canadian winter before they flew home! Destination proposal = SUCCESS! Congrats you two!

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Katrina & BraydenAutumn Romance Wedding

From family heirlooms and the groom’s hand picked tie from Italy, to music notes on the wine bottles and the cat who had to check out the dress and join in on portraits – Katrina and Brayden’s wedding was full of sentimental touches.

There is a lovely path around the property that they had walked many times while deep in conversation, sharing joys and heartaches. It was here that Katrina and Brayden would meet for their first look. Brayden dropped to the ground. Tears were building in his eyes as he stood to embrace her. As they relaxed into each others presence as bride and groom, Katrina presented Brayden with the wedding band she had chosen for him.The ceremony was just as sweet with more laughter and more tears. As the Mother of the Groom noted at the reception, there was no lack of ‘leaking’ in the Vander Leek family and Katrina fit in perfectly!

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Edmonton’s Old Timer’s Cabin – a stunning location for their rustic autumn wedding with burgundy accents. Katrina and Brayden are both talented musicians who participate on the worship teams at their church. This is how they met. Naturally there had to be live music by their friends throughout the day including Katrina’s maid of honor who sang during communion and the signing of the registry.

With all that musical talent in the room, it wasn’t surprising that we were serenaded all night long! Old tunes, modern melodies, and completely re-written lyrics had K + B smooching in increasingly creative ways all evening! Strung lights and candle lit lanterns illuminated the venue as the sun disappeared and the dance floor took over! Tender moments with parents, the couple’s first dance, and some ‘lost in the music’ dance moves that will make you laugh! … so don’t miss out and scroll to the end!

Second Shooter: Bethany from Jon+Beth Photo
Venue: Old Timer’s Cabin
Wedding Dress: Ethos Bridal Boutique
Flowers: Bunches Flower Company by Eric Armstrong
Videography: Jon+Beth Photo
Make Up: Karissa Johnson (Vander Leek)
Hair: Andrea Morse
Catering: Michelle Rypstra & Yolande Tkachyk from Heartland Alliance Church
Stationary: Watercolor by Keandra Lucki
Groom’s Tux: Derks Formal Wear

To be at this wedding as friend, kinda/almost-family member, and photographer was the greatest honor. Had I not been focused on capturing their day, I would have easily found myself with tears of joy coming down my face! K+B, you two are steadfast and wise. May you always love without reservation – yourselves, each other, and the world. Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Emily & JamesCalgary, AB

These two incredibly sweet – and equally goofy – people vowed to share life together and their whole day was a wonderful reflection of who they are together.  Congratulations Emily & James! It was such a privilege to celebrate your engagement and marriage with you and your families.

Bride’s Gown: Beautiful Bride Calgary
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Moores Calgary
Ceremony: Southview Alliance Church
Reception: Sundance Lodge
Caterer: Roma Catering

David & EricaBragg Creek, AB

Have you ever heard of a Getaway & Photography package at a forest surrounded five-star chateau that will serve you piles of fresh berries on home-made french toast for breakfast as you look out over the Elbow river?? The Riverside Chateau and I partner to offer this incredible package that incorporates rest and luxury, adventure and captured memories.

David and Erica booked their romantic getaway at the Riverside Chateau in Bragg Creek, AB to celebrate their first wedding anniversary! As a part of their celebrations they pulled out the wedding dress and tux for our session. The chateau, a western style log mansion, is a beauty situated along the Elbow River. As you can see, the surroundings provide so many options for photos. I had a blast using my knowledge of the property to creatively capture this milestone for David and Erica.

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Madeline & AustinTurner Valley, AB

After the ceremony and celebratory high-fives, we were happy to explore the surrounding area of Millarville and Turner Valley including the YWAM base where these two met. There was no shortage of laughter and the tender moments paused time – which you can only hope for on a day you want to remember for the rest of your life. Make sure to scroll to the end to see their beautiful outdoor reception and energetic dance that kicked off in the golden light of sun set.


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Emily & JamesKananaskis, Alberta

I am always so pumped to meet couples who are just as excited to be in the mountains as I am! We got up while it was still dark and headed out to photograph in the early morning light. We got a moody day – wind, cloud, and fog appearing then subsiding – which made for some hair blown, blanket wrapped cuddling to start. These two were just so sweet to each other and so fun to hang out with for the day. Not to mention they suggested we stop in for some poutines at La Belle Patate in Canmore before heading home!! Pretty awesome day if you ask me.