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Kristin & ConnorRiverside Chateau, Bragg Creek

Fluffy snow arrived just in time for this romantic getaway and photo session to celebrate Connor and Kristin’s 1 year dating anniversary! We started indoors allowing C & K to be cuddled up and warm before heading into the winter wonderland.

You don’t need an occasion. Just a whole lot of love.

There is never a bad time for couple photos. Even though my husband and I have a little one now, we took time to get photos of us taken. So much has happened since we last got photos taken – our wedding. I wanted to capture this season and all it represents – the hard work and deep love that has kept us fighting well and loving unreservedly for an amazing relationship.

Whether it is for the photos or to set aside time to appreciate each other’s presence (hopefully both!), a couple session treasures and captures the connection you share.

Interested in an intimate & fun couple session?

James & MadasynBragg Creek, Alberta

Log cabins and the rustic outdoors are where these two are at home. But that feeling of home was most tangible when they cuddled up by the fireplace as James sang and played guitar. Home is in those simple moments. And, of course, it’s being able to be your goofy selves to distract from an acquaintance pointing a camera at you. As my husband and I witnessed these two, we found ourselves completely amused and thinking, “that would totally be us.” That fun banter and play-fighting – knowing exactly how to drive each other just to the edge of crazy before bursting into laughter.

I am so glad you two got a weekend away at such a beautiful place to create these memories (and capture them!) as a reminder of what really matters and why you have chosen each other. May your love grow deeper and stronger, freeing you to enjoy the fullness of life together.

I don’t know about you, but for me there is something timeless about hearing someone say, “I’ve got a guitar!”
With all the  entertainment we chase, one-time tickets and ‘never before seen’ thrills… more than anything, I crave simple moments with a guitar, campfire and my favorite people.