One thing I believe wholeheartedly is that learning is most valuable when it is shared. Whether a life principle, experience, or technical skill, learning has so much more value when it can be shared in community. As a self-taught photographer who never intended to run a business, I had (and still have) lots to learn. I had to learn technical and business skills, how to value and support my clients, and how I wanted to represent my business. What was infinitely most important was that I had to learn about myself, who I wanted to be as a person first, and therefore who I would be as a photographer. In this part of my blog I want to share thoughts on my life and my photography and how they interact in my world:

Things I see differently now that I run my own business
Knowing why you really want photos
The simple gestures that clients appreciate
Why saying ‘no’ is a gift to others
How my values shape my values as a photographer
Realizing who you really are makes all the difference in the long run
Tips for kids during photos
How to give clients your best when you are stressed
Honest thoughts on my first pregnancy
Why marriage comes first
How to thank and appreciate your photographer

… and so many more come to mind! So stay tuned and enjoy my first few posts below!