Biancha + DanRustic Autumn Wedding at Spruce Meadows and Heritage Park

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year and this day did not disappoint. As a wedding and family photographer, I regularly check in on the weather to make sure everyone is prepared! With a threat of snow, wind and rain we planned for the worst! Heels were exchanged for cowboy boots, the girls got matching shawls, the guys brought along warm jackets and the family had steaming Tim Hortons coffee and some delicious add-in’s (like BAILEYS!!) to make sure everyone would be comfortable outdoors during the photos. Although it was chilly, the snow held off almost the entire day with just a small bluster of light flakes that fell on Biancha and Dan at the end of their day reminding them of Striker. Their day was full of beautiful sentiments and you can see the love in all of their photos. Scroll through to see their incredible first look and private vow exchange surrounded by Calgary’s golden yellow trees.

Officiant: Carole Bedard (French & English)
Ceremony Venue: Spruce Meadows 
Reception Venue: Heritage Park Wainwright Hotel
Make-Up: Obsidian Artistry
Wedding Dress: Novia Mia
Bridesmaid Dresses: LuLu’s
Tux/Suits: Tip Top Tailors

When your family decorates your vintage ride for the wedding day…

When I first met Biancha and Dan, they told me that they wanted to do a private vow exchange prior to their ceremony. I love when couples know themselves well enough to honor the significance of their marriage in ways that are both personal and celebrated with friends and family. For some, the best thing is that first look at the isle. For others, having all those eyes watching can be overwhelming, distracting you from being fully present with the person right in front of you. For Biancha and Dan, a first look and private vow exchange in the autumn beauty of Fish Creek was just perfect. It gave them space to react and interact, to say what needed to be said, and to share the intimacy of their commitment.

The British House at Spruce Meadows blew me away! It is an elegant wedding venue with white walls and stunning chandeliers and – best of all (ESPECIALLY as a wedding photographer) – it has an entire wall of windows letting in so much natural light!!

And off to Heritage Park for the party!!

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