AnnabelleHigh River, Alberta

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--12

Annabelle has now met her parents on this side of the womb and what a joy she is! Her older sister, Sophia, is all blonde and blue eyed like her dad but it seems Annabelle is going to take after her mom. I am always so excited to meet newborn babies! However, I know it is such a privilege to be able to meet them before so many others who have anticipated the birth for much longer than I have. To be welcomed into someones home and trusted with these precious moments is incredible. We patiently and gently calmed Annabelle and she slept perfectly still for us in the basket. You will see in the photos that she has 10 fingers and 10 little toes, a nice head of dark hair and the CUTEST dark eyelashes. Enjoy.

Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--9 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016- Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--4 2016-07-12_0002 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--2 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--5 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--10 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--3 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--6 2016-07-12_0001 Ashley Daphne Photography_M&JNewborn2016--14

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