AndrewCalgary, Alberta

This little unseen miracle is now in the arms of mom and dad, taking in this great big world! I arrived for this cozy lifestyle session and immediately noticed Andrew’s full head of dark, stylish, side swiped hair! Trendy little man already. Apparently his blonde older brother looked very similar when he was born! It is just fascinating to me how these little ones grow and change so uniquely from womb to newborn to toddler. The best surprises just keep coming.

Congratulations on your growing family. May you find moments in each day to treasure the miracles right in front of you.

Sleep Tip from Kristy: We wanted to grab some adorable shots of the little one on his own but he was just not falling asleep. We took a break for a quick feeding and calmed him with his soother just to pop it out and grab a shot or two before the cries began. Of course, Mom knew just what to do… turn on the hairdryer. It lulled Andrew to sleep in no time! I am definitely keeping that trick in mind for the future!

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