Andrew & BethFoothills Hospital, Calgary

Galster Maternity-66

This is a 25 week maternity session – something most parents never imagine needing to do so soon. My friends Andrew and Beth were facing complications and wanted to have family photos taken before the time for an emergency c-section arrived balancing timing that would save both Beth and baby’s lives. We started in their hospital room, capturing the honest moments of this story, before we ventured around the hospital looking for usable spaces. We courageously ignored the many nurses, patients and visitors walking by, knowing the significance that these pictures would hold. Baby Theo, “divine gift,” was born just days after. He is stable and fighting hard through every uncertain moment. There are still other complications in play and it will be a long journey for this little family so if you have a moment, send them some love and prayers.

Andrew & Beth, the way you support each other is evident in these pictures. The joy, the sorrow, the holding on to each other. I am praying that you will have the privilege of holding Theo in your arms for many years to come.

2015-12-28_0006 Galster Maternity-73 2015-12-28_0008Galster Maternity-2 Galster Maternity-17 2015-12-28_0002Galster Maternity-4 Galster Maternity-62015-12-28_0003Galster Maternity-21 Galster Maternity-8 Galster Maternity-36 Galster Maternity-33 2015-12-28_0004Galster Maternity-40 2015-12-26_0007 Galster Maternity-54ear

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