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  • Hi! I am Ashley Williams. (Daphne is my middle name in case you were wondering!). I am currently enjoying married life and motherhood and pursuing a masters degree in Christian Theology at Ambrose University. During my undergrad, photography became a social and creative outlet amidst all the studying. Only a little time passed before this hobby became a (more than part-time) business! It is rewarding to see my technical skill grow to match my creativity so that with each and every shot I am intentionally creating something new. We are currently enjoying the adventure of renovating our home and spending time in the mountains. Gotta love Calgary for those beautiful skies and mountain views.

  • Philosophy

  • At the end of the day, I love photography and I want you to love it too. It is my goal to make the whole experience enjoyable and relaxing... and this doesn't mean boring! Let's laugh and let your kids play. Let's adventure outdoors and give you space to breathe and be in love. The time we spend together is just as much for photos as it is for you to make memories together, so let's do that. I don’t mind hiking to a great location or coming to your home where you are comfortable because I want to create something new for each family and couple that represents who they are. Whatever moment in life it is, let's capture genuine moments with you and your loved ones enjoying the simplicity of being together.

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  • SE, Calgary, Alberta

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